Materials for Carrion Crown Module 1

In response to some questions on the Paizo Forums. I’m going to post some of the materials I’ve made. The PDF files contain backgrounds that are suitable for handouts.

Campaign Sheet (DOCX) – I use this to help me remember the notable NPCs and give me a quick rumor table.

The professor’s will was printer out with the background, and then dipped in tea/coffee and baked in the oven on low for about 25 minutes. This gave the paper an “aged” look. These were rolled and tied with string to give to the players.

The Professors Will (PDF)

The Professors Will (DOC)

Father Grimburrow’s sermon (DOCX)

Father Grimburrow’s_sermon (PDF)

These images were printed on cloth using my laser printer and handed out to the players.

More later.

– derek

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