D&D 4e Dungeon Delve – Part 2

We will be broadcasting the second part of our 4e Dungeon Delve this evening around 6:30 EST. The link to watch us live is: http://www.justin.tv/absuguild come watch us play and kibitz to your hearts content!

Link to our Wizards post

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D&D 4e Dungeon Delve – Part 1

Thanks to everyone who watched and commented last night. The feedback was really useful, saved us time looking stuff up.

One of the party has a prior commitment next week so the continuation probably will not be for two weeks. That should give us time to finally get the video software sorted out a bit more.

In the mean time, enjoy the video from last night.


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Live D&D tonight! 4-12-2011

Hi guys, we’re going to live stream a short Dungeon Delve tonight. Feel free to join us live on Justin.TV – http://www.justin.tv/absuguild .

It will be a small session, and hopefully a learning experience for those of us who have played a little of D&D 4e, but not a ton.

We’ll post more info here later.

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Wrath of Ashardalon

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Tuesday, April 5th @ 6:30pm EST – Live streaming of Wrath of Ashardalon plus more!

We will be streaming another session of Wrath of Ashardalon and another game or two. Possibly GOSU (Goblin Supremacy). Should be fun.

These board game sessions are basically sessions to test the tech so we can stream our live RPG sessions, particularly so for D&D 4e. Feel free to come and join us. Kibitz on our game, correct us when we goof up or just sit back and hang out while we play.

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Epic Fail @ Ashardalon

Well, we played Wrath of Ashardalon again. Every time we play we learn new things about it. This time we learned that monsters DO NOT attack every turn. Only the monsters controlled by the active player attack that turn. Oh well, live and learn.  However, some of the problem was the “Surrounded” encounter card, the second time we’ve gotten that. Any time a player does not control a monster at the end of their exploration phase, draw a monster. UUUUUUUUuuugh, we got totally housed, AGAIN.

Next time, Gadget, Next time…..

Watch live video from absuguild on Justin.tv

Or watch the full video… if you have the stomach for it.

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Playing Dominion first

We’re playing Dominion right now.


Right now it’s Jon, Will, Ben, Jared and I (Derek) playing.

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Live steaming address

Howdy guys, we’ve got live streaming running:


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Hey guys what’s going on in this thread!

We put up a new site. We’re thinking that we are gonna stream some of our gaming sessions. Have some interactive fun.

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